Bamboo Textiles Extra Thick Socks

Bamboo textile Extra Thick Socks with Tencel Yarn.
Made with extra padding on soles, toes and heels, is designed for everyday wear.
Composition: 64%bamboo / 28% Tencel / 8% elastane.
Colour(s) available: Blue, Hot Pink

Size(s): M4-6/W6-8, M6-10/W8-11, M10-14
Ring on (02) 4782 6611 to find out variations currently in stock.
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Extra thick sock.
These socks are designed to be worn in winter however also suits people with cold feet all year round, superior wicking promotes foot health.
Ultra fine, anti-static fibres for more comfort and blister protection.
Antibacterial fabric which eliminated foot odour.
Composition: 92% Bamboo / 8% Elastane.


Bamboo Textiles

Bamboo Textiles Australia are the innovators in the Bamboo Textile industry. They strive to provide the highest quality products through, which take advantage of the many features of bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibres have a naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent, which when worn against the skin absorbs any moisture, such as sweat immediately, and constantly keeps bacteria populations in check. Bamboo Textiles socks are a favourite in our retail stores and online with men and women of all occupations.