Thomas Cook Mens Froggers Scrub Boots


These mens boots from the Thomas Cook Frogger range are well insulated so they are warm in winter and cool in summer. A great alternative to traditional gumboots for comfort while you put in a hard day’s work.


  • 10″ shaft
  • Quality rubber
  • Waterproof
  • Neoprene rubber lining
  • Well insulated warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Great alternative to traditional gumboots


Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook began making boots out of an inner suburb of Melbourne in 1924. He arrived from Fremantle, Western Australia as an orphaned 16 year old with big dreams of making a name for himself as a flyweight boxer. Although he never achieved pugilistic fame, a lifetime of boot making established a tradition of innovation and craftsmanship, and the Thomas Cook Boot and Clothing Company was born. Synonymous with the Australian Outback, Thomas Cook has become an iconic representation of true Australian life. A symbol of endurance, mateship and nature, it has created its identity through generations of tradition ingrained deep within the spirit of the bush. The evolution of Thomas Cook into the brand we recognise today is due to its loyalty to family, tradition and its ongoing commitment to bridging the gap between urban and rural life. Handed down through three generations of the Cook family, the brand has become an integral part of the country Australian lifestyle. A proud feature of the Thomas Cook logo is the silhouette of the legendary Man from Snowy River. This famous Australian legend, depicted as a man on a horse, is the iconic symbol of the Thomas Cook heritage and brand, and embraces the journey that we travel upon with our customers. Another important feature of the logo is the genuine Thomas Cook signature; it acts in memory of the late Thomas Cook 1908 - 2007, and as a representation of his vision for quality in everything he put his name to "My name is on the line. Thomas Cook 1924". Today, like his father and grandfather before him, Murray Cook has steadfastly driven Thomas Cook into the 21st century whilst retaining the true character of the high country and the Australian bush. Website